Sorry for the wait...

Well I must firstly apologise to any and all who are wanting more of Rossamünd and his confrontations with the wider world sooner than the offered release time of mid next year. All I can add to that apology is that the next book will be longer - quite a bit longer. I hope this makes up for the wait in some way... possibly... I hope...

Thank you to all those who have left yet more encouraging remarks. It so very much helps.

As to a larger version of the map - I'll see what I can do about putting up a .pdf of it perhaps, either here or at - my STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION web page for all things MBT and beyond - or at the official website. I will speak with my publishers about this. The idea has already occurred to me; indeed I am dead keen for people to see it in its right size, being 1 metre x 780 mm. Even at those dimensions it still has 4 & 5 point type on it. So yes, a lot of detail lost in the reduction of it, but we shall see. What do people think?

It has been offered to have MBT put on a uni reading list. There is a use for it I had never considered. It would be interesting to know how it would stand up to such scrutiny.

Oh almost forgot, for breakfast today I had Allbran[TM] and Milo[TM].

And now: Half-Continent synonyms for real-world terms #003

telephone / telegraph = astrapenunticon or transpositional.

Here is a challenge for those who want to take it on: give me a word and I'll attempt to render it into Half-continent speak.
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