So who in the Half-Continent would you be?

It occurred to me that it might be really rather interesting to know that if folks were citizens of the Half-Continent what type of person they might be?
  • What would be your name?
  • What part of the Half-Continent would you live in?
  • What would be your social station?
  • What profession might you choose?
  • Would you be a sedorner (monster-lover) or invidist (monster-hater) or somewhere in between?
  • What would you look like?
  • Would you have spoors or cruorpunxis?
  • What else would be interesting about you?

I am thinking I could perhaps do a little profile of each response in the side bar, a new one for each month - and "Introducing..." kind of thing. Please, answer one, some or all of these as you feel, let the world (and me) know - I reckon this might be a tad fun.

Oh - and Happy Thanksgiving to those for whom it is relevant!

(I am also wondering where random missfitt has got to... hello, are you there, sir?)

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