A New Year A New Post - or bad, indulgent poetry

Well here we are a new year and all that - already it is a week old and I have not posted anything.

What is up with that?

How are folks liking the Word of the Day and the Match Up? Keep them? Ditch 'em? I thought they give a bit of extra interest - since I do like words and all. I play the Match Up one very often and glow at myself for how many words I know (which is mostly fluke, 'cause once I have sussed those I do actually recall, the half-known words soon match and then there is usually one set left that must fit by default. Easy!)

Well, in moving house I dug up a few weird odds and sods including some bizarre poetry from the very midst of my childhood. If I may, I am going to indulge myself in exposing one of my first poems (which, let's be honest, I cannot think is too bad or I would not be prepared to share it now, would I...) So here is the beginnings of the "great writing career" called Look to the Fly on the Wall.

Look to the fly on the wall,
For there lies your sense of vulgarity.
I stand at the door and knock,
To enter the exit
And come in to go out.
Why is water wet?
Why does a ball come down,
To send ripples of green cascading over
Locks of dying shoelaces.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what Rhinos are.
Mushrooms of cloud
To eat for dinner;
Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
To chew some gum for breakfast.
Far away, an infant
Dropped his ice cream
Drip drip
Closer to home, I blow my nose
To direct my thoughts to amoebas
swimming in their void of fulfilment.
So -
Look to the fly on the wall,
For there lies your sense of vulgarity.

Deep is it not... Not sure what it all means; clearly a late cold war piece with that "mushrooms of cloud for dinner" line - very high school art project of me.

Ok, self-indulgence now finished.
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