Feelin' pretty darn groovy!

Well, I must confess I was getting a bit bummed today because the only (up until today)thorough review of Lamplighter was here (spoiler warning) - and not of the kind or, more especially, encouraging sort. I consoled myself not only with the enthuisiasm of those here who have read it but with the rationale that someone usually given (by the evidence of the 'Faves') to reading girly romance would quite fairly find MBT Book 2 rather a bit too much - which the reviewer did.

Fair cop.

Then I discover that over at Matilda (as in "waltzing matilda", a not insiginificant Oz literary review site and usually more friendly) they are quoting above review as the only extant commentary on the as yet to be released. Ouch! Feeling a bit had at this point.

Of course, as much as I want to be a genius it could be that I have simply written a dog of a book (so my thoughts went - apologies to those have already said they like it) - which, quite frankly is my fear.

Well, joy of joys, Megan J. Bulloch over at SFReader has posted a far more positive take (possible mild spoilage) on the grand struggle that was my second book. Thank you, ma'am and apologies for the grumpiness - Book 3 is shaping up nicely and I am enjoying the process and agony of writing far more. Here Matilda, quote this one instead.

Maybe I should do as my wife says, ignore reviews (though not yours Drew) and just get on with penning the best books I know how. Thing is a constructive and thoughtful review - even if it cans the work - can be very edifying, a teaching tool.

By the by, either end of the spectrum here: I will let you, oh reader, decide.

On another positive note, author Chris Roberson, of many many works, was encouraged by the previous post on the H-c map, which in turn encouraged me, so all backs get scratched in the end, which is nice. From one map enthusiast to another, howdy Chris, cartograph on!

... I think I should just get back to writing Book 3...
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