Rewriting... Or a Contractual Collision

What we have below is two page layout views of the first few chapters of Book 3 (those who know MS Word will know what this is, which is probably most of you). The first is Draft 1, the second Draft 2 with all the changes tracked in red.

ADDENDUM as of 1/7/9 ~

WELL... the above is what you would have seen, but a contractual issue back o' house has me now removing said images - though they were diagrammatic and illegible - from the public space.

For those who saw them and were edified by them, glad to be of encouragement.

For those who did not, well, wow, they were the most spectacular things you will ever behold in your span of years upon this planet... there was certainly a lot of red on them anyway. You will be able to see them again once Book 3 is out... in a little while...

Apologies to my publishers for my careless enthusiasm to share.

Sorry folks, more normal transmissions will resume in their usual erratic manner.

Happy New Financial Year, btw.
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