Digital v Analogue

Apparent Technology Luddite warning!
(though, in such a medium as a blog this is a nice irony)

One of the problems with digital is it is very hard to archive long term, which will bemuse future historians I think. We've had computers in the mainstream for how long now? Maybe 30 years tops; and how many operating systems have we gone through? My the original files of my old stories written on my parents Amstrad 664[TM] are gone, baby! The only version of them extant, printed copies.

One day - and maybe the youngest of us here will be alive when it happens, but I am thinking a couple hundred years time - they may well come to the conclusion that paper is the most advanced step for (especially long term) storage of information. I certainly think the complete digitisation of the world is not as necessary as the digitisers would have us think... but that is just me. No one ever seems to think it necessary to really ask "Just because I can, does it mean I should..?"

Having said that, if reading a Kindle[TM] is just like reading a real book, then I am ok with that.

New poll - all very off topic at the moment, hope people don't mind. Just shows we can function on a level other than the Half-Continent.

Also, for those of you who have not read it, please have a squiz (sp?) at my last post regarding the rather troubling developments in the world of publishing here in Australia.

Advice: Letting your porridge go cold then still eating it is NOT the best way to start the day...
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