Last work day at Nansensgade

So, as the title suggests, Allan had his last work day at the old shop today, and i doubt that another tattoo will ever be made at that address.
At least i'm hoping that won't happen!
I've been packing most of the day and while it's a little weird to look at the bare walls and think "i painted that line" or take down a bunch of shelves i put up, i am not really feeling sentimental at all.
This has been a long time coming, particularly if you count the years we've been dreaming about moving, and we're so ready to start our new lives at the new shop.
Which is still not finished, but let's not get into that!

I wonder how we ever managed to fit this much crap into our tiny little shop?
Slowly getting there...
Bye bye

Moving day is this saturday, i hope it goes smoothly.

Ps, This is our 100th post on the shop blog, hurray for that!
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