Well, a simple post just to show(off?) my ever-growing stack of notebooks - essentially the Half-Continent right there, growing more and more with every volume. The tags are me marking entries for use in the MBTs: yellow = Book 1, Foundling, pink = Book 2, Lamplighter, green = Book 3, Factotum (see, its nigh March already! September is not that far off at all...)

#1 was started about 1992, then one a year until 2000, then from 2000 - 2010 I have gone from 8 notebooks to 34 (that's 2.6 a year, and they have gotten thicker too! - ok, now I AM showing away...) Much of that time I was thinking I was a drawer and here I was filling books with tiny srawlings of madness, not in drawings but in WRITING!

Go figure.
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