Glorious revolution

So, it looks like we're finally getting to the fun part of opening a new shop (decorating, finishing touches) and now, of course, we have to leave it.

Not that we don't wanna go to Japan, we always do, it's just that the timing is a little off this time.
Fun stuff aside, we have unfinished business with our previous landlords, autoclave repairs, bills bills bills...
Actually, you know what, maybe the timing is just right!
The shop will still be here in May and decorating will be just as fun in a month as it is now.

We are finally using the real entrance!
Last night we took apart the couch and assembled it again in it's new, permanent spot
Our fancy new GLORIOUS wallpaper... and a birdcage

Oh, it's gonna be so magical and we can't wait to show y'all, but wait we must.
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