Oh dear...

Sunday was a very silly day at the shop.
Silly because we were even there on our day off, and silly because the guys decided to tattoo each other.
Not just any tattoos, super realistic portraits.
Yup, just you wait and see.

But first, here's Lucifer, probably the smartest guy at Conspiracy Inc. that day
I was a little sick, so i took a nap while Eckel tattooed Chriss
This is the result of tattoo number 1: sad, crying emo Allan!
Then Allan tattooed Eckel...
Tattoo number 2: Antler Chriss (or is that Antler Jebus? It's hard to tell...)
Double antler awesomeness!
I got tattooed by Chriss as well, not a portrait though!
Last not-so-happy customer of the day: Allan
Tattoo number 3: Eckel puking upside down crosses... obviously!

Chriss went home today and we totally miss him already.
He's an awesome guy (and a good house guest) and having him as our first guest artist at the shop since we moved was just perfect.
I'll post pictures of the tattoos he did while he was here as soon as Allan transfers them to his computer, so that's something to look forward to!

This is what happens when you let Chriss work at your station...*

*Yes, that really is Eckel!
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