Welcome back to Soul Sunday...  Todays selection is Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers "Does your mama know about me"  Tommy Chong  from Cheech & Chong co-wrote this song & played guitar for this band before he became a comedian. "Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers  Originally known as “Little Daddy and the Bachelors, or "Four Ni**ers & a Chink”  Changed their name because of the politically correct 1960's.
              Tommy Chong who is white and Chinese wrote this song because of his experience of discrimination while growing up as a young man and marrying his first wife, a black woman.  When I first heard this song I didn't realize the history.  I always thought it was a gangster telling his lady does your mama know about me.. I guess this song can apply for many couples that don't have their parents approval of their partner whatever the situation is.

I'm including a male version & a female version by The Supremes which is also a big hit!!  I also found a clip of Cheech & Chong performing this song live at a casino last year.  They get down!! Check out other versions of this song by "The 21st century", "Jermaine Jackson" & "The Harletts".....Hope you like my selection...  Stay humbled.
Mrs. Toons
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