Today's Soul Sunday selection is Donnie Elbert "What can I do" & Have I sinned"Donnie Elbert was born on May 25, 1935 in new Orleans, LA he recorded his first successful song on the Deluxe label entitled ‘What Can I Do?’ with the song hitting number 13 on the R&B charts and number 61 on the pop charts. After recording a few more songs for Deluxe label, in 1959 he finally charted with the song ‘Have I Sinned’. Donnie wrote the song based on a relationship that his best friend was in and was caught ‘cheating’. The woman involved in the relationship found out and left him. In a conversation with Donnie, the friend told him how remorseful he was about his ‘cheating ways’ and how sorry he was about losing a ‘good thing’ he had with her. Donnie had stated to the friend that he had sinned but the time the story was being told and completed, he began to hum and formulate the melody of the song in his head. He wrote the song, remarkably, in minutes... I remember growing up to this song. The picture in my head is so clear of when my parents use to have house party's In their garage with their friends. Donnie Elberts songs playing while they were dancing with their hands up to their chest, hands like a fist moving side to side very smooth.. These friends had names such as Chuco, Chica, Gata, Gato, NightOwl, GreenEyes, etc..The girls had long hair with feathers like Farrah Fawcet, their make-up was done with white eye shadow, thick black eyeliner, a lot of blush and the black plastic bracelets all the way from their fingers to theirs elbows. The guys had on either brim hats or hair nets with their hair smelling like three flowers, wearing Dickie's with creases so sharp you can cut yourself, black house slippers or Stacey Adams.. Some of you can relate and most of you might think that was a dysfunctional childhood.. Looking back and even though I was young I remember these times and being so infatuated with the music the sound & the words.. I'm thankful to have experienced those times and embrace the lifestyle it entailed. Hope you like my selection. Stay humbled.
- Mrs. Toons
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