Welcome back to Soul Sunday's! Today's selection's are "I'm Gone" & "Lee Goofed" by Shirley & Lee. Their debut single "I'm Gone" was written & produced by Dave Bartholomew, imperial's writer/arranger/ producer. "Lee goofed" was a comeback for "I'm Gone" Early in their careers, Shirley & Lee became known as "The Sweethearts of the Blues," a nickname given not for their personal relationship, but for their romantic sagas of their songs, which often bordered on telling a fictional soap-opera storyline about two lovers. Their fans would buy the singles simply to keep up with the continuing story of the two sweethearts. The story continued with the very next single, "Shirley Come Back to Me," a heartbreaker released in early 1953, followed by "Shirley's Back," later that year. This happy theme continued through the happy ending for the next single, "The Proposal" & "Two Happy People." after the story telling through their songs they decided to change it up a bit with "Let the good times roll". Shirley & Lee parted their separate ways in 1962-1963. In 1974 Shirley joined another group and called themselves Shirley & Company & created the disco hit "Shame, Shame, Shame" a very big transition from the other songs she did.... I'm also including this song. The video is a trip very old school. Happy Holidays & stay humbled. 
Mrs. Toons
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