What's up! Welcome to Soul Sunday's today's pick is "Love Jones" & "I Owe you love"
by a Brighter Side of Darkness. They were a short-lived American R&B/soul group.
They were formed in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. Their lead singer was only 12yrs old,
Darryl Lamont; the other members were Ralph Eskridge, Randolph Murph and Larry

They released the single "Love Jones" in December 1972. It was a hit in the US and
was certified gold by February 9, 1973 by the RIAA. In 1973 they released their
first album called Love Jones. Their second single, "I Owe You Love", was less
successful, and the group disbanded in 1974. Too bad talented groups like them
didn't survive the music business that deserved more recognition. Hopefully, they
remained on the right path and didn't turn gangster & rob their nearest liquor
store.... HAHA

I found an animated clip created in 1974 by Cheech & Chong called "Basketball Jones"
this was a parody of "Love Jones" from Brighter side of Darkness, this film features
Tyrone Shoelaces from their album Los Cochinos. The cartoon was created to promote
the song's release in the United States. It's about a teenager named Tyrone
Shoelaces and his love of basketball. It's a trip... Thanks for "Tooning In"
Mrs. Toons
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