Welcome to Soul Sundays, today's selection is "Double Dutch Bus" By Frankie Smith. I never realized this song was behind a big scandal. Here, is a history lesson in the small role that Frankie Smith played in uncovering the “Yuppie Conspiracy” (dubbed as such by Federal authorities) ran by the Larry Lavin scandal West Philly dentist and $5M/175 lbs.-of-cocaine-per-month.From 1978-1984, Larry Lavin masterminded his huge cocaine-distribution ring which included 3 graduates of UPenn dental, two lawyers, four stockbrokers, an airplane pilot, a high school English teacher, an elementary school principal, record company executives, accountants, a New Jersey state auditor, a psychologist, a registered nurse, and a variety of businessmen. Now, for the Double Dutch Connection: While still in dental school, Lavin was raking in millions of dollars and needed outlets to dump this money in without arousing suspicion. One such investment, proposed through friend and co-conspirator Mark Stewart, was WMOT-TEC Records (which was situated in the Wellington Building on 19th St., right off Rittenhouse Square). WMOT-TEC, which had distribution through CBS Records, released Frankie Smith’s “Double Dutch Bus” in 1981; upon release, the track’s popularity grew steadily on the Billboard soul charts. In his 2000 book Doctor Dealer. Mark Bowden writes, “Months later, Larry found out that Mark had incurred fabulous expenses in L.A., mostly in rental costs… not the least of which was leasing himself a new Ferrari… CBS meanwhile, reporting substantial sales from ‘Double Dutch Bus,’ was charging so much for pressings, promotion, and distribution that the net profit on sales, Larry’s one source of return on all these investments, was close to zero.” Frankie Smith was owed about $30,000 in royalties, and he sang his complaints like a canary. Frankie Smith reported Lavin to the IRS, which set Lavin’s ultimate fate, you will pardon the pun, snowballing. While Frankie Smith wasn’t getting paid, Stewart was enjoying the high life. On September 4, 1986, Lavin pled guilty to operating a continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, tax evasion, and other charges and was sentenced to consecutive prisons terms totaling to 42 years. According to his Wikipedia page, Frankie Smith “is currently working as a delivery driver for AC Reproductions in Philadelphia, PA.” We can assume he never got and continues to not receive his royalties. Sorry Frankie that you never made a penny off this song. Dr. Larry Lavin took all the profits off this song and became the biggest coke dealer in Philly. Damn this track is still hot. White hot. HAHA. This song always played at parties I went to and The one line that stuck with me was Give me a Ho if you got your funky bus Fare. And everyone at that party always shouted HO, HO. That song was a jam & always had everyone on their feet. Hope you like my selection, Thanks for Tooning in!

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