What's up! Welcome to "Soul Sundays" today I'm going to change it up a bit.  When I
didn't want to play oldies and wanted some faster music to groove to Funk was always
one of my other choices in music. My selection today is "The Best of one way"
featuring Al Hudson & Alicia Meyers. They had many hits such as "Pull Fancy dance",
"Mr. Groove", & "Cutie pie".
One Way was an American R&B/funk band that was popular in the late 1970s, and
throughout most of the 1980s.
Originally, One Way came out as Al Hudson , Alicia Meyers & the Soul Partners and
recorded a few interesting, but unsuccessful albums for ABC Records. They were then,
and are now, a self-contained act, though the original name suggests a standup vocal
group. Essentially, Midwest wonders, they never crossed over, and never got as big
as predicted on the R&B circuit, despite having a devastating live act. One way
was a talented group & made hit after hit. You should also check out "if you play
your cards right", "Pop It" & "Burn it". I remember when cruising was in, my
friends & I use to cruise Whittier Blvd. "one way" was always on repeat to get the
party started. Hope you like my selection! Always stay humbled & embrace every moment. 
Mrs. Toons
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