What's up! Welcome to Soul Sundays. Today's selection is "The Brothers of Soul" with their hit songs like " I Guess that don't make me a loser", " Candy", "One minute Baby", "Can't get you off of my mind"& "You better Belive it".... "Brothers of Soul" were an R&B vocal group from Detroit, Michigan singers Fred Bridges, Richard Knight, and Robert Eaton Knight, who possessed a sweet, smooth voice and Bridges, who had a rougher voice, tended to share the leads equally, and the group became known for their sweet vocal harmonies and romantic sound. The trio was originally a writing and producing act working with a Detroit label. In 1967, during the riots in Detroit, the group felt they were writing a hit, Dream. They showed it off to Ricardo Williams who was impressed by Bridges. Williams opened up a label for the group. Bridges knew they needed a new name, which they came up with "Brothers of Soul". The peak years for the group was from 1968 to 1969. The group was able to put more than 40 songs on disc. Chicago producer Ric Williams came to Detroit looking for songwriting talent for his recordings. "The Brothers Of Soul" first recorded on their own in 1967 as "The Creations", but after changing their name the following year, they made their first impact with the Bridges-led ‘Hurry Don’t Linger’ on Williams’ Boo label. It was followed by their only national hit, the Knight-led ‘I Guess That Don’t Make Me A Loser’ (number 32 R&B), which reached the charts in the spring of 1968. They had their second successful single with the Bridges ‘You Better Believe It’ in 1970. Subsequent releases failed to find an audience and the group made their final records in 1971. "The Brothers Of Soul " continued together for several more years, working as one of Detroit’s most in-demand vocal session groups. By 1980, Bridges decided to leave "The Brothers of Soul" and become the road manager of the "Four Tops". Due to financial circumstance some groups like the "Brothers of Soul" never continued, Blew up or made it to the top. Very sad because they had many hits that still sound good today & will always be on my playlist. Thanks for "Tooning" in! 
Mrs. Julie Toons
Soul Sundays
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