Hey what's up! Welcome to Soul Sunday's! Today's Artist is "Ruby Andrews" she sings
a couple of my favorites like "Just loving You", "The love I need" , "Hey boy take a
chance on love" & "Cassanova, your playing days are over"

Ruby Andrews’ tuneful late-’60s sides established her as a seductive Windy City soul
singer. Andrews debuted on the Zodiac label in 1967 and scored her biggest seller,
“Casanova Your Playing Days Are Over" that same year. Successful follow-ups on
Zodiac included "You Made a Believer Out of Me" in 1969 and "Everybody Saw You the
next year". Andrews later cut some bluesy material for Ichiban, with the outrageous
Swamp Dogg producing.In 2004, Grapevine Records released a retrospective, entitled
'Just Loving You'.

Ruby Andrews is also the CEO of Genuine Ruby Records LLC.

I found this crazy footage of people dancing in Peterborough to one of "Ruby
Andrews" songs "Just Loving you", one of my favorites. I love to see people
recognize & dance to soul music still. Thanks for "Tooning" in.

Mrs. Julie Toons
Skidrow Soul
Soul Sundays
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