June 23rd, an invitation

Ok, i just noticed that our secret (up until now) event is less than two weeks away, so now might be a good time to let y'all know what's going on!

In short, our not-so-secret event will be a walk-in day with cool flash from Uncle Allan and Chriss Dettmer, kind of like Halloween but without the costumes (unless you really wanna dress up, we won't stop you and we certainly don't judge!)

The theme (cause you gotta have a theme) is.... witches!
See, the 23rd of June in Denmark is Sankt Hans evening, and here in Denmark, without getting into a recent history lesson, that means lighting up a giant bonfire, that occasionally will have a model of a witch on it, and singing a bunch of midsummer songs.
And that's all very nice (and who doesn't like a bonfire?) but we've decided to celebrate witches in all their awesomeness instead of lighting them on fire!

So if you think you might like a witch, or occult, or witch related, or pagan tattoo (cause, who knows what they're gonna come up with?) by either Allan or Chriss or maybe both, please drop by the shop on the 23rd of June at 4 pm, or later, and join us for some midsummer fun!

The tattoos will be individually priced, and will not be custom or one-time-only.

If the weather is good (which of course it will be, right?) we'll have the door open until late at night, and refreshments of some kind will be served as long as we have them!
Usually there'll be a bonfire on the lake, so you'll have a chance to go down and see that too.

You know where to find us:

Conspiracy Inc.
Schleppegrellsgade 7
2200 København N

Any questions? Leave me a comment.
If not, we'll see you on the 23rd!

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