What's up welcome back to Soul Sundays! Today's selection is The Winston's with "Color him Father"
The Winstons were a 1960s funk and soul music group, based in Washington, D.C.. They are known for their 1969 recording of an EP featuring a song entitled "Color Him Father". Which was written for their step-father who stepped up to the plate and helped their mother raise them.

The "Color Him Father" record sold over one million copies, and received a gold record awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America on 24 July 1969.

This song is dedicated to My Husband who is an amazing Daddy to our children.. I always knew he would be a great father. He always puts them first & works so hard everyday to offer them the best in life! They adore him & they are blessed to have a daddy like him. This is also for all the fathers who never walked out on their children and to the Step fathers out there who have stepped up to raise someone's else's child. I respect you men. Happy fathers Day & thank you for being there for your children.... Thanks for "Tooning" In

Mrs. Julie Toon$
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