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With Artist Patrice Rushen singing "Forget Me Nots", "Remind Me" & "Settle for my love"

Patrice Rushen (born Patrice Louise Rushen, September 30, 1954, in Los Angeles, California) is a Grammy Award-winning R&B and jazz vocalist, composer and pianist.
Rushen, is the elder of two daughters born to the late Allen Rushen and the former Ruth Harris.  She demonstrated her musical potential at a young age; she was regarded as a child prodigy. In her teens, she attended south LA's Locke High and went on to earn a degree in music from the University of Southern California.

Rushen, has many ground-breaking achievements. She became the first woman to serve as head composer/musical director for the Grammy Awards and the Emmy Awards, and the first woman to serve as musical director for the NAACP Image Awards' broadcast, an honor she held for twelve consecutive years. Additionally, Rushen has been the only woman to be a musical director/composer for the People's Choice Awards, HBO's Comic Relief and the only woman musical director/conductor/arranger for a late-night television talk show, The Midnight Hour.

Mostly, all Rushens hit songs have been sampled..  Her 1982 hit song "Forget Me Nots" has been sampled several times. The most notable has been its inclusion as the driving musical element in Will Smith's "Men In Black", the theme to the 1997 film of the same name. The song won a Grammy Award, which co-writers Freddie Washington and Terry McFaddin also shared. Also in 1996, "Forget Me Nots" was featured prominently in the bridge of George Michael's #1 hit "Fastlove."
The 1998 hit "Strawberries" by female rapper Smooth samples "Where There Is Love" from Rushen's 1982 album Straight From The Heart.
"Haven't You Heard" was sampled prominently into gospel artist Kirk Franklin's 2005 hit "Looking For You," with gospel lyrics written by Franklin. The song was also interpolated into Zhane's early 1990s hit "Groove Thang." It was also prominently featured in House track "I feel good things for you" by Daddies favourite.
Musiq Soulchild covered Rushen's "Settle For My Love", as a duet with sibling group Aaries on 2000 debut album Aijuswanaseing.
"Remind Me" from her 1982 album, Straight from the Heart, was sampled by 9th Wonder on the remix of "The Cross", from the 9th Wonder remix album, God's Stepson.
On her 1995 debut album Faith (Faith Evans album), singer-songwriter Faith Evans used a sample from "Remind Me" on the song "Fallin' In Love".
The 1995 single "Temperature's Rising" from Mobb Deep sampled "Where There Is Love".
In 1994 Long Beach rapper Lil' ½ Dead released the album The Dead Has Arisen. Track #2 "12 Pacofdoja" contained a sample of "Where There Is Love", modified into the G-Funk style of the era. Rapper Danny! sampled "When I Found You" on Danny Is Dead 's "Press Conference", "The Dream" on "Lucky Me" from Dream, Extinguished, and "Yolon" from Dream, Fulfilled 's "Le Pamplemousse". On their final album Nuttin' But Love in 1994, Heavy D & The Boyz sampled "You Remind Me" on their song "Take Your Time". In 1992, R. Kelly featuring group Public Announcement used a sample of "Remind Me" for the song "Born into the 90's" from Kelly's debut collaboration album of the same name. Producer Clark Kent uses a sample of "Remind Me" for the Junior M.A.F.I.A. song "I Need You Tonight" featuring Aaliyah.
Sacramento rapper Brotha Lynch Hung sampled "Remind Me" on his 1992 ep 24 Deep, for the track "Walkin 2 My Funeral". The gangsta rap group RBL Posse also sampled "Remind Me" on their 1992 album, A Lesson to Be Learned, on their track also titled "Remind Me".
Intelligent Hoodlum sampled "Remind Me" on his 1993 single "Grand Groove." Rapper Skee-Lo sampled "Remind Me" on his song "Top Of The Stairs".
Keith Sweat's discovery group, Kut Klose used a sample "Remind Me" on their song "Keep On" on the 1995 acclaimed album, Surrender. Rapper Shyheim sampled "Settle for my Love" on his song Shaolin Style feat. Method Man Swedish DJ Eric Prydz and Australian producer Daniel R Muller released his single Pjanoo in 2008, which contains a piano riff inspired by Rushen's "I Was Tired Of Being Alone" Mary J. Blige's "You Remind Me" contains excerpts of Rushen's "Remind Me." SWV's "I'm So Into You" contains excerpts of Rushen's "Remind Me." She has always been & still one of my favorites. Thanks for "Tooning" in... 

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