More Goings Forth (by which I mean a book launch)

And I am back!

Thank you for your patience - I shall say more on my time in Sydney-town soon: it was certainly a good as well as stretching time. Met some most excellet souls, fellow creatives seeking their own yet similar path in this great maze of life (hmm... deep).

Today, however, I am wanting to let all Adelaide folks know of the launch party next Tuesday night, where we shall officially send Lamplighter off into the wide blue. Details are as follows:

3rd June ~ 7 pm for 7:30 start
St Peters Library
101 Payneham Road, St Peters
RSVP 8334 0200

I would love to meet folks so come along - though I warn you that I am very ordinary (just in case you were expecting to meet some monstrous genius with an amazing pulsating brain ;)

See you there... and don't forget to rsvp!
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